Monday, July 27, 2009

Cooking and the Humors File/Link?

This question has been asked before but when I looked for it in the BLOG I could not find it so it is possible I answered it before I started using the member BLOG as a FAQs page. I am answering it again here so it will be on file for students who may ask in the future. Speaking of which, if you have not already made use of this BLOG to answer questions you may have it works very well! All you need to do is scroll down the right hand column, find the topic or topics you want, click on them, and BLOG posts that apply to that topic will be listed on your screen.

The following is a question I received this week from a new student about the Unit "Nutritional Healing":

Question: I am working on finishing up Section 3 of Nutritional Healing 101, but am unable to access the following links within the .pdf. (Page 45) - Mondoux, Channon. "Cooking for the Humors" (Page 60) - Cookery and the Application of Humoural Theory'

Answer: These books can now be downloaded as a PDF from the Yahoogroups at: to Course/

If you have trouble accessing that link you can also find this download at your member website (either the Nutritional Healing Only class website, the Naturopathic Healing Website, Medicine of Avicenna Website or the Combined Website). If you cannot download it from the website please tell me so I can send it to you via e-mail.

Blessings & Health,

New Culpepper Link & Question

The new Culpeper link you sent works fine, however, I do not see where it categorizes herbs according to their properties of Hot, Cold, Moist and Dry which would make it quicker to determine proper balancing. Am I missing something?

You can find this information in the third section of the book called, "
A Catalogue of Simples In the New Dispensatory". Look under each heading, "Roots", "Flowers", etc....He also mentions it within the text of some herbs.

Note to other students: New Culpepper Link at:

Herbal Preparations 201

Dear Students,

For some reason Herbal Preparations 201 was missing from the website. This must have happened during the server reset a few weeks ago. Students have turned in assignments from that unit since then so I assume they had already downloaded the PDF or accessed it from the Yahoogroups site. In any case I wanted to let you all know that Herbal Preparations 201 is now located in its proper place on the website for Naturopathic Healing Course students, once again. Thank you to student Chris for brining this to my attention!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Consulting Client Tips

As I was correcting student assignments today I came across another gem that reminded me of something important that we all need to remember as healers - know how to access a situation and your own ability in that situation. This is an excerpt from the student exam and my response:

Exam Question: Name the three parts to natural first aid and why each is important. Give personal examples when you have them.

Student Answer:

#1 Assistance - It is important to know how to help a person in an emergency. You need to access how serious it is. If it is minor and not life threatening, it can be treated at home with herbal remedies and natural health practices. If it is life threatening such as a heart attack or a fractured skull it is important to call an ambulance and get the person to a hospital immediately. On the way to the hospital techniques like proper breathing, reflexology, etc. can be used. When my daughter broke her arm, I placed an ice pack on it to relieve swelling and pain and immediately drove her to the hospital.

This is a very good point to remember. As a healer we need to know how to properly assess any situation - even if it is not an emergency. We need to know what our own abilities are and when it is time to refer someone to another practitioner for assistance.

Student Excerpts: The 13th Principal of Health

This statement is from a student paper I corrected today on "The 13th Principal of Health" from Unit One: Nutritional Healing. I wanted to share this here as this is something we often forget to look at when we are consulting with ourselves, our families and our clients. Remember - always check the basics before you go beyond that and look for health problems you or another person may have. Often, being deprived of the basics (the right food, water, sleep, etc...) can mimic many health problems and diseases:

Quote from JH, Student in the NHCO: To understand the critical nature of sleep to our children's growth and development, we need to understand more about what sleep does, what healthy sleep is, and what happens when children do not get the right amount of sleep, the best quality sleep, or both. We also need to understand the role sleep plays in being alert or drowsy, stressed or relaxed, and how that in turn may affect temperament, learning, and social behavior.

Alternate Upgrade Link (Not Paypal)

Some students wanting to upgrade do not want to use Paypal to make their payment. I have created an alternate link for you at:

Student Lounge Updated!

Dear Students,

I have added a new section to the "student lounge" that includes general study tips. Some of you have been out of school for a few years and have asked me questions about writing papers, citations and how to manage time. I have one new article posted there at this time on "How to Write Papers". I will be uploading more tips from the archives that I have been saving. I also welcome any tips from members! I want to start a special page called "Tips from Other Students" so if you have any tips for new students please send them in!

You can visit the student lounge to see these updates or you can look at this new article using the direct link below:

Blessings & Health,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quiz Addition for Unit One - Nutritional Healing

Dear Students,

In the revised E-book for Unit One, Nutritional Healing, the second quiz is missing some information. It should read: (the parts in RED were missing from the E-book):

Quiz for chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 1 - Overview

1. Imagine you were going to change this article to talk about the “13" principles of health instead of 12. What would you add to this list and why? Your “addition” to this article should be at least 3 paragraphs long and should include references (either books, magazines or online sources).

Chapter 2- Dangers in Modern Medicine

2. There are many foods and chemicals we put into our bodies that are harmful. In Chapter 2 I explore some of these items. Please explain, in your OWN WORDS, and using only three sentences at the most, one or two reasons why the following items could be harmful:


Soda Pop

Sodium Laurel Sulphate

Excess Bread

Acidic Foods

Colloidal Silver







Dietary Supplements and Vitamins

3. Please write two-four paragraphs on one ADDITIONAL item that is NOT included on the list above. Topics you could use include: recreational drugs, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, sugar, excess meat, anything you can think of that fits into this category.

Upgrade Link AGAIN

Dear Students,

The last link I gave for upgrading was a bit long and "broke" in some of the messages. You can use this shorter link instead if you have trouble with the first link:

Blessings & Health,

Naturopathic Live Chat Next Week!

Just a reminder that I am organizing a live chat for students of the Naturopathic Healing Course next week. Since this is our first live chat I will be leaving the topic open for anything - need help getting started? Have a health question? Have a question about the classes? Have a question about a client you are working with? Anything goes!

All you need to do to receive an invite to the chat is answer the following questions and send them to me:

Note that this live chat is for students of ONLY

1. How are you using your degree from The Avicenna Institute or how do you plan on using your degree? How are you using the information you have learned so far?

2. What days and times work the best for you (for the live chat)? Note that we will start with IM and no voice or video will be included for this first chat.

Thank you! We have one student signed up so far. I will post a day and time once I get at least 6 students.

Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Upgrade Link to Include Medicine of Avicenna Course

Dear Members,

Some members have asked if they could upgrade their membership from "Naturopathic Healing Course" to "NHCO AND The Medicine of Avicenna" classes. At the website you can register for both classes for a discounted price and these students wanted to know if they could pay the difference and upgrade to taking both courses.


Usually I have a 30-day limit on upgrades, but since I will be raising prices the first week of August I will allow any student to upgrade until August 1st using the link below. Using the link below you will be allowed to pay 3 payments (over the next three months) of $50.00 each to upgrade to being a student in both courses.

If you have questions about The Medicine of Avicenna Courses please visit for a short description or e-mail me at:

Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

New Student Questions- Getting Started

Hi Kristie, I'm working on my first assignment. I've read once you submit your first assignment you can request a student page. The info you set above "Username:******, password: *****" Is this my personal page or info to log into the website. Are student records kept on your site or do we receive all comments and corrections through email? Trying to get familiar with the resources so I have smooth sailing.

Kindly, D

Dear D,

For now this is the site that all students access. As I change things to the new system each student will have their own page where they will access their materials from. Right now, as each student completes their first assignment (or requests it) I do also set up for them an additional personal student page where they can access their corrected assignments and view their progress in the course. This is password protected for each student so only you can access your records. This will be a different password than the one you use to access the course.

I used to send assignments through e-mail but too many e-mails with attachments get lost. I answer questions via e-mail but all corrections and comments are done via the student page now. I upload my comments into your exam or assignment and convert it to PDF and then upload it to the page.

Great job getting to know your way around! This will really help you accomplish things much more quickly and experience a lot less confusion.

Blessings & Health,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Temperament MP3? Herbal Databases?

A student just wrote to ask me about the herbal databases. This is a popular question so I will post the answer again to the BLOG and also remind everyone to check this BLOG for resources. This BLOG is where I answer all student questions. If you have a question - chances are that another student has had the same question and you may be able to find the answer without waiting for me to respond to your e-mail. To find answers to your questions come visit this BLOG, scroll down the right hand side of the page and click on the topic you want to explore or have a question about.

Here is my answer to the question - "Can you send me the temperament lecture? One of the herbal databases is missing, can you send me an alternate link?"

The MP3 for Exploring the Temperaments can be found on your Naturopathic Healing, Nutritional Healing or Typology and Temperament student webpage. This MP3 download is in the right hand column - scroll down and you will see an icon that says "Typology and Temperament Lecture.mp3"

Alternate links for the Herbal Books can be found in the "Resource Page" . You can link to the resource page by clicking on the link "Resource Page" at the top of ANY of the student webpages.

You can also find more Herbal Book links at the student BLOG at: Changes

If that link does not work you can go to:

- scroll down the right hand column and click on "course changes"

If you have additional questions please e-mail me any time.

Blessings & Health,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Information on Su-Jok Therapy?

A student who is working on the reflexology class at this time asked me for additional information on SuJok therapy. This was my response:

Dear J,

I trained with one of Park Jae Woo's students. He is the ultimate expert on anything Su Jok. His website is not very impressive but he is the best. There are some books for sale on the site. It is hard to find information that is not connected with him.

His website is:

Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Friday, July 3, 2009

Updates for Herbal Databases

Question and Comments by Student about the Herbal Healing Unit: Joyce Herzog's work at is not longer on line. I can't find any replacement on another domain either.

The second required reading by Lee Nelson, has moved from
to: Do you have another suggestion for Joyce Herzog's database? M. Grieves, and Michael Moores are still available, though Michael Moore's is no long at its at Also, on that first recommended book, by Manfred Junius - has been rewritten and updated.
The original book is only available used and costs $35, but the updated book written in 2007
only costs $8.90 Thought you'd like to know that info. I ordered the 2007 version.
Let me know if you have something to replace Joyce Herzog. - DF

Dear DF,

I have provided substitutes and update them monthly on the student resource page. Log into your student webpage, click on "resources" and scroll down the left hand side - you will see some databases there that are very useful and completely replace the old ones that are listed. Thank you for the detective work and replacement links for some of the old databases.

Blessings & Healt