Thursday, November 27, 2008

TECH SUPPORT: Broken Links for Nutritional Healing

Although we just updated the E-book for Nutritional Healing only two months ago it seems that a couple of the links are already "broken". They are the "Cooking for the Humors" link on page 45 and the link to Culpeper's Herbal on page 45. I am still looking for the replacement for the 'Cooking for the Humors". The new link for Culpeper's Herbal is:

I will also be uploading this to the site and the Yahoogroups so you do not have to worry about the link breaking again. You will have the book in E-book format.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Student Dialogues - Herbal First Aid and Allergies

Student: Self-diagnosis can be very important these days because blood and skin tests do not show up all problems at the doctor's office.

My response: You are absolutely right. Additionally, sometimes combinations of substances (like milk and wheat together) can cause more of a reaction than “just wheat” or “just milk”. A test will not show this.

Student Business: Gem Therapy Jewelry

Student Dee sells jewelry made with healing gems. This is a chart she has created that shows some information about those gems:

If you have a natural living or natural healing business to share please post it to the list.

Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, Mh, ND

Student Sharing: Websites for Herbs and Gems

Student Dee, shared some additional website links for 202:1 Herbal First Aid:

She suggests that these websites are useful for researching herbal healing, color therapy and gem therapy:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Student Excerpts: Affordability and Variety in Healing

This excerpt and my comments are taken from Janet's assignment on aromatherapy. Great job Janet!


I want to start off by saying I choose a lot of my oils not only for the properties but also for the affordability.

This is brilliant! I always do this too. First, I ask what people already have in their home, then I think of things that they can use from their kitchen or common items, then I start with the most affordable oils and herbs. Another benefit of this is that the most affordable ones are usually also the most abundant ones. Some of the more expensive oils and herbs are expensive because they are harder to find and some have become over-harvested to near-extinction.

I have learned if you can make things affordable, yet effective to people they are more likely to use it and stay with it. A lot of people just do not have the money now days. If I can make them an effective affordable oil treatment it works for both of us. I have to purchase these to have on hand and also sell them to the consumer, so that is why you might see some similar treatments in some areas. I know they work and they are the more attainable and affordable of the oils. Hope that makes sense and you understand what I mean. Then on top of that a lot of the basics cover so much and are so well rounded it would be silly not to use them if they work regardless of the repetitive nature J Also I have a wonderful flu oil that I burn, when someone is getting a cold or during the winter months. It is Eucalyptus/Tea Tree and just a little bit of cinnamon mainly for the scent…….it is a really great aroma and seems to work well and makes the house smell nice.

I completely agree. I once wrote an article on how you can heal everything with just three herbs (or oils). If each person would pick a variety of three and really get to know those three they would be amazed at what they could do with just three oils or herbs.