Wednesday, November 28, 2007

IMPORTANT Student Notes of the Week

We have had a few new students join this past month and I have done a lot of updating to the program and the site so I just wanted to make sure everyone - old and new - is on the "same page" here. If you are a student - old or new - please read below -

1. Remember - "Student Day" is on Fridays. If you have written me a long letter or sent me a test you will get it back on Friday (or Saturday at 2am sometimes...) If Saturday comes and I have not answered your e-mail I probably didn't get it. Please contact me!

2. At this time I am posting all the class videos at:

Anyone can access the channel, but it does not get many hits other than students because I have not told anyone else about it. So in that way it is "private". Once more videos are uploaded there will be a password and membership involved. For this you probably want to visit the YOUTUBE core sight I have and sign up for that group at:

This group is private and as I upload private videos for course members only people who are members of this group will be able to see them.

3. Videos of Iridology and Reflexoloy will be uploaded this weekend. I am looking forward to providing a visual resource for these studies!

4. REMEMBER that another big part of learning in the course is the e-mails you receive from the group. You can always ask questions to the group or to me to supplement your course learning. We have a lot of natural healers in this group!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Dear Members,

I just posted two new herbal videos to YOUTUBE and I thought we needed a nicer place to view them so I created - you can link there any time and see what I have added to the "show"


Blessings & Health,
Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Thursday, November 8, 2007

STUDENT NOTES: Information Overload

From an assignment by student, Marcie Keuneke:

This is the information age and we are surrounded with more
Information than we can assimilate. An article in the Watchtower
Stated that "a usual weekday edition of The New York Times contains
More information than the average person would have come across in
His entire lifetime back in 17th-century England."

She goes on to state how this information overload affects our health. I was, however, impressed by the quote. I always knew we were in information overload, but I never considered HOW much before!

WHAT do those initials mean? MH? ND? DS?

A lot of people ask me what the letters behind my name mean. I know what MINE mean, but I have to admit I need a guide when it comes to other people's "initials". Just in case you were wondering here is MY guide:

Common Initials and Abbreviations for Licensed Holistic Practitioners
A.C.S.W. - Academy of Cert. Social Work Ac.T. - Acupuncture TherapistA.H.P. - Advanced Hellerwork PractitionerA.P. - Acupuncture PhysicianAPP - Associate Polarity Practitioner (through American Polarity Therapy Association)ATT - Alexander Technique TeacherA.T.C. - Cert. Athletic TrainerB.C.D. - Board Cert. DiplomateB.S. - Bachelor of ScienceB.Sc.N. - Bachelor of Science in NursingB.W.T. - Body Work TherapistBSW - Bachelor's Degree in Social WorkC.A. - Cert. AcupuncturistC.A.T. - Cert. Alexander TeacherCBP - Certified BodyTalk PractitionerC.B.M.C.P.T. - Cert. Body/Mind Center Practitioner TeacherC.F.N.P. - Cert. Family Nurse PractitionerC.F.P. - Cert. Feldenkrais PractitionerC.H.I.C. - Certified Hudson Institute Coach - a Certification for coaching adults and their organizational systems given by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, CA C.H.T. - Cert. HypnotherapistCHTP - Certified Healing Touch PractitionerC.I.Y.I. - Cert. Iyengar Yoga InstructorC.I.H. - Certified Intuitive Healer (Through the Stillpoint Institute of Advanced Energy Healing and Intuitive Diagnosis)CIMI - Certified Infant Massage Instructor (International Assn Infant Massage)C.M.A. - Cert. Movement AnalystC.M.T. - Cert. Massage TherapistCNHCP - Certified Natural Health Care PractitionerC.N.P. - Cert. Nurse PractitionerC.N.M.T. - Cert. Neuromuscular TherapistC.P.C. - Cert. Professional CounselorC.P.S.I. - Cert. Practitioner of Structural IntegrationC.P.T. - Cert. Physical TherapistC.P.T.A. - Cert. Physical Therapy AssistantC.R. - Cert. RolferC.T.R. - Connective Tissue RegenerationCST - Cert. In CranioSacral Therapy, Techniques LevelCST-D - Cert. In CranioSacral Therapy, Diplomate LevelC.T.A.T. - Cert. Teacher of Alexander TechniqueC.T.P. - Cert. Trager PractitionerD.Ac. - Doctor of AcupunctureD.C. - Doctor of ChiropracticD.C.A. - Doctor of Chiropractic AssistantDCH - Doctor of Clinical HypnotherapyD.D.S. - Doctor of Dental SurgeryD.O. - Doctor of OsteopathyDSMT - Dar' Shem Master TeacherF.N.P. - Family Nurse PractitionerH.H.P. - Holistic Health PractitionerI.B.C.L.C. - International Board Cert. Lactation ConsultantIr. - IridologistLic. Ac. (or L.Ac.) - A state-established title indicating "licensed acupuncturist." In the United States independent acupuncture licensure is established in nearly all states. Though regulations vary from state to state licensure is almost always based on 1) graduation from an accredited 4-year college, institute and 2) passing the national certification examination (NCCAOM) in acupuncture, Chinese herbology or both. Independent practice of acupuncture is a very diverse field with practitioners of many varied backgrounds, styles of training, and specialty. Most hold a Masters in Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine or a Master's-equivalent Diploma in Acupuncture.L.C.S.W. - Licensed Social WorkerL.M.P. - Licensed Massage PractitionerLMT - Licensed Massage TherapistL.P.N. - Licensed Practical NurseL.Psy. - Neurophysiological PsychiatryL.P.T. - Licensed Physical TherapistL.P.T.A. - Licensed Physical Therapy AssistantM.A. - Master of ArtsM.C.S. - Master in Communications StudiesM.D. - Medical DoctorM.Ed. - Master of EducationM.H. - Master HerbalistMPT - Master's Degree in Physical TherapyM.S. - Master of ScienceMSHSA - Master of Science in Health Services AdministrationMs.T. - Massage TherapistM.S.W. - Master of Social WorkM.T. - Massage TherapistMSW - Master's Degree in Social WorkNADA - National Acupuncture Detox Association, which certifies teachers of detox acupuncture.NCCAOM - National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, an independent, non-political testing agency based on Washington, DC, providing basic standards for the acupuncture, asian herbology and asian bodywork professions. NCCAOM's testing services are in use internationally, and provide the basis for state licensure within the US. A NCCAOM Diploma (also Dipl. AC & CH, Dipl. NCCAOM, etc.) indicates the acupuncturist has achieved the NCCAOM national certification in acupuncture (AC), and/or asian herbology (CH).ND -Doctor of Naturopathy N.M.T. - Neuromuscular TherapistO.M.M. - Specialist in Osteopathic Manipulative MedicineO.M.D. - Doctor of Oriental MedicineO.T. - Occupational TherapistO.T.C. - Occupational Therapist, Cert.O.T.R. - Occupational Therapist, RegisteredP.A. - Physician’s AssistantP.C.C. - Professional Certified Coach of the ICF-International Coach Federation (The only Professional Org certifying Coaches)Ph.D. - Doctor of PhilosophyP.P. - Polarity PractitionerP.T. - Physical TherapistP.T.A. - Physical Therapy AssistantRM - Reiki MasterR.M.T. - Registered Massage TherapistRN - Registered NurseRPP - Registered Polarity Practitioner (through American Polarity Therapy Association)R.P.T. - Registered Physical TherapistR.S.M.T. - Registered Somatic Movement TherapistRYT - Registered Yoga TeacherSEP - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner S.P. - Speech PathologistS.L.P. - Speech Language PathologistS.T. - Somatic TherapistZ.B. - Zero Balancing Practitioner