Wednesday, March 5, 2008

STUDENT QUESTION: The Energetic Properties of Herbs?

Dear Kristie,
For some reason, I cannot quite understand what you want here. Can you rephrase it or give me an example?

Assignment 201:2

1. Using the first article please list 2 ways you can decide what herb to use by knowing it’s energetic properties. List 2 more ways you can decide NOT to use an herb by knowing it’s energetic properties.

Blessings, R

Dear R,

A simple example would be if you know an herb has an energetic property of cooling you might choose it to use for a fever. If you know an herb has an energetic property of heating you would know NOT to use to for a fever or for anyone who was anxious, or for someone with a choleric (fire) personality or condition.

Hope this helps!

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Student Question: Where is my password?

Hello I know you are busy and I do n ot expect a response very quick! But wanted to ask, I did the enrollment and I have not gotten a password! I was in the student lounge trying to fingure all this out and came across this I will paste it so I do not mess it up! Off the course link. - V

Dear Vickie,

This is an easy question so I can answer quickly. It is those long or multiple questions that I need to file and save for "student office hours" on Fridays but usually short questions get an answer within an hour or two.

When you enroll in the payment plan for the course you are enrolled in each unit as your payments clear. So you are enrolled in the Iridology portion now (as per your request). When the next payment for the course is made then you will be enrolled in the next unit (you choose) and so on....

To access the links you must first be a member. You should be a member of the iridology group so you should be able to press on those links and they will take you to the Yahoogroups associated with those files. E-books, guides, charts, tests, assignments and all audio and visual are there too.

Once you link to the page Yahoogroups will ask you for your Yahoogroups password. If you do not remember it then you can contact Yahoogroups help for a "lost password" and they will assist you.

Tests are either at the end of the readings or in another file at the same location. Some units have one test and some have up to 5 assignments/tests.

I hope this helps! If not, you can write me back with more questions.

Blessings & Health,