Saturday, April 12, 2008

Student Letter: How do I do consulting?

I still have to finish the Nutrition course (stopped because was having trouble in understanding, but now that you have added the video, I am excited to be able to try again.
What I am wondering is, as you know I have completed a MH program and a Nutrition & Diet Therapy Specialist program, and I am doing my clinical for my Homeopathic Practitioner program as well as the Rosemary Gladstar Herbalist program. The problem is that, I don't feel that my MH program gave me a good enough consultation info. My Homeopathic program teaches that, but again, I am still not feeling as good as I hoped, mostly I believe because I have only worked with my family so far, but still. My Nutrition program defintely didn't teach consults, I also feel it didn't teach anything about taking what a persons current diet is and then determining a healthy diet for them. So, I am wondering if your Nutrition course teaches how to take a persons diet and determine what the appropriate health diet for them is. As well, is there a course on how to do a consult and intake? Although I have learned this, I want to learn more about it because I am very uneasy about this part. I am ok with working with family, but am not confident for me starting my practice to work with non-family.
Thanks, J

Dear J,

I have an entire unit on consulting which I have been considering making part of every unit of the course. Right now it is part of the ENTIRE naturopathic healing course. It is Unit 12. I also feel that this is a very important aspect of learning - you can learn as much as you want, but learning HOW to apply that is very important.

I am not sure if you have access to unit 12 right now. However, I would be happy to give you access (as some time in the next year I will be adapting it to go with every course anyway) and I would appreciate having some feedback from someone with your experience. I have designed the consultation part of the course to give people confidence with consulting and to give them a lot of resources and ideas about how to consult. However, I would appreciate hearing if it actually does accomplish that and if not, how I could improve it.

So, if you have access to unit 12, we can work on that together. If you don't, please tell me, and I will send it to you.

Additionally, when I was first starting out I was in a similar situation. I found I had completed a lot of courses but was not sure how to go about consulting. What you have learned in the homeopathic program might not be enough, but it will help you. It helped me get a base to build on.

Other things that helped me were learning iridology (this is entirely a diagnostic method) and studying typololgy and temperaments as an entire unit of study. Both of these methods helped me immensely in evaluating and seeing clients and their needs.

Blessings & Health,

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND